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Cool Products !

Products Available 

In addition to the world-class services available from Wild Bill's, we are distributors of several products that we feel are the best of breed.

Wild Bill's is a distributor and installer of KoolMat, a space-age material that insulates key components of your Corvette

No more ignition points!! Breakerless SE Ignition Systems convert your point type distributor without changing external appearance. Help your engine run better with a more reliable and precise ignition.

Do you understand the advantages of aluminum radiators? Check out DeWitt's Aluminum Radiators  to learn about the difference they can make in the operation of your engine. Run 20 degrees cooler!!

Wild Bill's is a distributor and installer of Vette Brakes and Products quality line of brake and suspension components.

 Problems with calipers leaking or pumping air? Remanufactured O-Ring Calipers may be your solution !

Have you read the articles extolling the virtues of DOT 5 Silicone brake fluid over the more common DOT 3 and DOT 4?  The benefits are real, especially for vehicles that sit dormant for long periods of time.

Problems with overheating while sitting in traffic?  Red Line's WaterWetter may be the answer.

KoolMat Products

Protect your starter from heat soak, lower the passenger compartment temperature of any vehicle with this product.  NASCAR and NHRA use it, see what it can do for you.

KoolMat Kits

To make it even easier to install, KoolMat is available in pre-cut kits to fit Corvette interiors for coupes and convertibles 1956 - 1982 and 1997-2004.

Wild Bill's Exhaust Systems

Stainless Steel or Aluminized systems are available for all Corvettes. Whether Stock or Custom, Mufflered or Chambered, all systems are guaranteed to be of the highest quality available. Installation is simplified by the perfect fit and attention to detail during manufacturing.

Remanufactured O-Ring Calipers

Changing calipers because of leakage or air cavitation? 

Remanufactured O-Ring Calipers with stainless steel sleeves will eliminate these problems, which are inherent in standard design lip seal calipers.

Vette Brakes Suspension And Chassis Components

Suspension and chassis components from Vette Brakes are designed to duplicate or enhance the factory setup for your Corvette or Camaro. From stock to full race, they offer it all !

 Silicone Brake Fluid

Doing a brake job on your Corvette or worried about corrosion because your car sits idle for periods of time?  Try using DOT 5 silicone brake fluid.  Use it on new systems or flush your existing lines and master cylinder and switch to DOT 5.
Red Line WaterWetter
WaterWetter provides a substantial reduction in cooling system operating temperature.  Just 12 oz. in a 16 quart system can reduce operating temperature as much as 30 degrees.     


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