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When trying to control heat, exhaust systems are usually the obvious problem in the driver's compartment causing excess heat.  Driver fatigue and component failure are contributing factors due to constant heat transfer through the firewall, floorboard and seat, increasing the chances for failure in any given area.  Placing KoolMat on these areas which are affected will reduce heat transfer by 75%. KoolMat dissipates heat by sending the heat to the outside edges of the material

KoolMat is a composite material of silicone cured to the surface and weave of a high temperature fiberglass substrate, with a total thickness of .070 inches.  Use it to protect starters from heat soak, floorboards from exhaust heat penetration and firewalls from engine heat.  It's also an excellent sound deadening device.

KoolMat is now available in a kit to fit Corvette interiors.  Order your custom cut kit for 1956 - 1982 Corvette coupes and convertibles.

check out the pre-cut kits for Corvettes

KoolMat technology is also available in a variety of other products as well - KoolSox to protect spark plugs from header pipes and exhaust manifolds and KoolSleeve to protect spark plug wires.  

Key Benefits

bulletProtect key engine parts from the effects of heat
bulletReduce the temperature of the passenger compartment
bulletProtect ignition components from exhaust burn

Call For More Information or Visit KoolMat's Website at www.koolmat.com 


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