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The latest advances in brake fluids are the DOT 5 synthetic products.  North American is a leading manufacturer, producing quart bottles of high quality silicone brake fluid.  DOT 5 does not absorb moisture like the DOT 3 & 4 products available at the local parts store.  This means that your system, particularly if it sits for long periods of time, will not corrode from lack of use.  You don't need to start with a brand new system, a thorough bleeding of your existing system with silicone fluid will extend the life of your lines, calipers, wheel cylinders and master cylinder.

DOT 5 Silicone brake fluid is not some exotic chemical strictly for the professional racer, it can and is used in all systems except ABS... it simply is a better, high tech solution for your brake system.  

Key Benefits

bulletNon corrosive - doesn't absorb moisture
bulletProtects brake lines, master cylinders and calipers
bulletWon't deteriorate rubber seals and other parts 
bulletLasts a lifetime
bulletWon't harm painted surfaces if accidentally spilled

Pricing - plus UPS shipping

Description Price
Quart bottles $18.00


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